Australian Raffle Regulations

When thinking of running a raffle the requirements are slighly different for each state and territory in Australia. Under the various tabs we have tried to pull out the main points for the various types of raffles. These quick facts however are meant just as a guide and it is important you read the full documents provided by each regulatory body.

To make it easy we have provided a link to the main documents in each state and territory.

Key facts

As a general rule:

  • Raffles with prizes less than $5000 do not require a permit (except WA)
  • All purchases must have an equal chance to win
  • All records must be maintained for at least 3 months
  • May be sold as a bundle ( for $1.00 or three for $2.00)
  • A raffle must not be abandoned through lack of ticket sales
  • A raffle must be drawn within six (6) months
  • What prizes on offer must be shown on the ticket
  • Raffle proceeds must be used by a not-for-profit or charitable organisation.