Some quick facts on NSW regulations


A raffle is a lottery where the total value of prizes does not exceed $25,000. Its objective is to raise funds for a non-profit organisation

  • No permit is required
  • Total retail value maximum of $25,000
  • Spending money with a travel prizecapped at 20% of the value of the prize
  • Tickets must be numbered consecutively
  • Expenses (including prizes) capped at 60% of the gross proceeds.
  • If the total value of the prizes exceeds $5,000, organisers must publish a list of prize-winners in a newspaper within 7 days of the draw.

The pdf shows the quick facts for NSW raffles.

Art Union Raffles

  • Permit is required from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. Click to view form.
  • Total retail value greater than $25,000
  • The benefiting organisation must achieve a 30% profit.
  • Need to set a maximum number of tickets to be sold.
  • Records should retained for 3 months and unsold tickets kept for 3 years.

The pdf shows the quick facts for NSW Art Union.

State Authority

NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing . There are regulations for raffles with total prizes under $25,000 and  Art Union Raffles for total value of prizes over $25,000.