Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a few questions that have come up recently which I hope will help.

Why use online raffles?

Using the online raffle ticket system is aimed to provide you with a hassel free fundraising method. When your charity has a strong Social Media following through Facebook, Twitter etc then it is very cost effective to put up a posting to let people know about the online raffle.

Can we still use printed tickets?

The Online Raffle can work together with printed ticket sales. How this could work is if you have a big event coming up then begin selling the online tickets early then at the event sell the printed tickets. You will just need to be careful with the sequential number of the printed tickets so best to put a letter in front of the first number. At the end of the raffle close the online raffle and put both the online and printed tickets sold into the draw. This way you get the best of both worlds.

What happens after the raffle close date?

When the raffle closes the raffle home page changes to say that the raffle is now closed. Once the winners have been entered then their names will also appear on this page under the prize they have won.

How are the winners drawn?

The Online Raffle system will provide you with a list of names and ticket numbers. To draw the winners you could run the numbers through a random number generator (a good one is part of Microsoft Excel) or they could be cut out and put in a hat, barrel or some other random selection process.

How does the money go into my account?

When your charity has already setup online giving then a payment gateway has also been setup. What we do is work with your current payment gateway supplier so that any ticket purchases goes directly into your bank account. This ensure you know exactly what has been raised and what fees are charged by the banks.

How much does it cost?

This is the all important question. Sureview charges a small annual fee and 5% of the total value of the tickets sold. Depending upon your payment gateway there will also be a one off setup fee to link the systems.

How do I see who has bought tickets?

Through the Admin panel it provides you with the abililty to quickly see the number of tickets sold and the amount raised. It also allows you to download full details of who purchased the tickets.

What if a person loses their tickets?

If a person loses their tickets then these can be resent to them. By going into the Admin panel search then select that persons name. Go into tickets purchased and prese resend. This will resend the tickets purchased using the email provided on the system (you can also update their email if they provided the wrong one).

Can cheques be processed?

Yes. If a person send in a cheque to purchase raffle tickets then going into the Admin panel you can process the cheque and allocate their tickets. If they do not have an email address then the tickets can be printed out and posted to the purchaser. A bank deposit slip is then printed for you to take with you to deposit the cheque int the bank.