How the online raffle works

There are two parts to the Online Raffle. The first is what you see as the administrator and the second is what a person buying a ticket sees.

Setting up the raffle

The very first step is to decide what prizes to offer, when the raffle will run and if a permit is required.

Through the Admin section of Your Charity Online Raffle the raffle can then be setup. Choose a raffle name and just fill in the details. The system takes care of the rest.

A home raffle page is setup for you where you can direct people to buy tickets.

Purchasing tickets

When tickets are purchased a thank you email is sent along with a pdf of the purchased tickets. The funds will automatically go directly into your account.

Drawing the raffle

When the raffle is closed a list of tickets and names is provided by the system. The draw can then be done either through a random number generator or putting the numbers into a hat and drawn in the old fashioned way.

So who won?

When the winners are drawn their names are added in the Admin section so they appear on the home raffle page for everyone to see.